PanPastel: Minimum Pans to Maximum Results


By Anschen Friedrichs With the large variety of gorgeous PanPastel pans available, it could seem a bit overwhelming, and pricy, when one just wants to try out a few out […]

PanPastel: Where to begin?


By Anschen Friedrichs.   Contrary to what one may think, you really don’t need a lot to embark on the PanPastel adventure.  As a start, a Black PanPastel pan and […]

Is Maimeri Classico the Best Value Student Oil Paint? Find Out Here

Oil painters are spoilt for choice at Artsavingsclub. The range of student oil paints is growing and the quality of the paints are improving too. No doubt it is a highly competitive market as paint manufacturers try to get their share of the painting enthusiast’s budget. Recently Artsavingsclub added Maimeri’s Classico range of oil paints to their lineup. The choice of best value student oil paint may have become easier to make.

Art surprises lurking in your art supplies

Imagine the following scenario with me if you would.
Standing in your favourite art store, item in hand thinking, “I’d love to try this.” That impulse kicks in and the words echo in your heart, “Sold!!! I’m taking this…”

Ghiant Waterbased Spray Varnish for Oils and Acrylics – Say Goodbye to Toxic Sprays

In my opinion, every painting needs a good coat of varnish. Varnish brings out the best in the colours of a painting and especially the dark hues get a deeper and richer look. Varnish protects the painting and makes it easier to dust and wipe clean, yet many artists fail to varnish their oil and acrylic paintings. I see this frequently at markets and it is a pity. It is also unprofessional if you are selling your paintings.

Smashing Artist’s Block in 2020!

How can we smash this thing called the artist’s block into a thousand pieces and then use those same pieces to create a masterpiece?

A whole lot of brilliance – Lukas Aquarell 1862

When Lukas Aquarell 1862 was first mentioned to me, I have to admit, I was rather sceptical as I had (up to that point) not had any experience of using their products. The Lukas brand might not be a brand known to many watercolour artists as yet, but I do think they are starting to make people sit up and take notice. This German-made brand uses top quality pigments and they certainly don’t skimp on the pigment load either.