Online Shopping with Artsavingsclub Guide

Struggling to buy Art Supplies through our website? Use this guide to help you through the steps and complete your checkout successfully.

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1. Start your journey here on our website. If you have an account, please be sure you are logged in.

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2. Browse the shop. If you would like to purchase anything from our comprehensive range of products, be sure to add it to your cart.

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3. We try our best to keep stock levels accurate. Any inquiries regarding our stock levels can be emailed to

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5. Be sure to keep an eye out for our on sale products.

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4. View your cart to make sure your products are in order.

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6. Once you are satisfied with your purchase, please proceed to the Checkout area.

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7. If you do not have an account with Artsavingsclub, fill in the checkout details, where you can enter a Username & Password that you can use to login to your new account from now on.

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8. If you have a voucher you want to use, please enter the voucher code to receive your discount. The voucher code should be entered accurately in order for the correct discount to be given.

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9. It is also possible for you to send the order as a gift, please choose the option if applicable. A special message for recipient can be added as well.

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10. Please supply your Billing Details and Address. These details will be used for your Artsavingsclub account and can be changed anytime.

If you would like to ship your order to another address, please supply us with that Shipping Details on the order note or email us at

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11. Courier fees are R100 but we have FREE SHIPPING for all orders above R700.

T&C’s apply.

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12. Please choose from the payment options available: PayFast ( Credit & cheque cards, Instant EFT, Bitcoin, Mobicred, ATM debit cards, Masterpass & Scode) or Standard EFT (Electronic funds transfer).

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13. If the Walletdoc option is chosen, and the Terms & Conditions accepted, the website browser will load and you will be required to enter your Debit or Credit card details in the appointed areas. Please follow the steps as required. Confirmation will be needed from the Walletdoc website or your banking app for the order to be processed.

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14. If the PayFast payment option is chosen, and the Terms & Conditions accepted, the website browser will redirect to PayFast’s website. Here you can enter your payment details (everything securely on their website). Once the payment is done, the website browser will redirect back to Artsavingsclub, showing your order number and details. This order number is your reference if you are following up on an order.

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15. If the Direct Bank Transfer (EFT) option is chosen, and the Terms & Conditions accepted, the website browser will load and show your order number and details. This order number is your reference you should use when making the EFT payment. Once the payment reflects in our account, we can ship the parcel to you.

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16. For any account or order related queries, please contact us on the following platforms:


Tel: 087 803 2167

Whatsapp: 076 905 3421

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17. Shipping times can vary. Once payment & stock has been confirmed, shipping can take between 2-3 working days for areas in Gauteng & North West. Other areas can take from 3 to 8 working days (outlying areas may take longer).

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18. Our shop is always open online, so feel free to place your order anytime.

Pleas note, however, that our Customer Care line does not run 24h. Queries will be addressed during the following times:

Weekdays: 8am to 5pm

Saturdays: 8am t0 1pm