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LUKAS STUDIO OIL Fine Artists’ oil colour is ideal for demanding artists and students. The oil colours contain only brilliant and valuable pigments with a high lightfastness in high concentration, for exceptional colour intensity and opacity. No colour has a lower lightfastness than 6- 7 on the international 8-step blue wool scale.

A dash (0,5-1,5%) of the finest bleached beeswax as one of the ingredients, gives the colour the famous buttery and short consistency and makes the colour-film less brittle for the restorer. The binders are pure vegetable linseed and sunflower oils of special quality. Free of toxic and caustic pigments. The typical drying time for oil colours amounts on average from 2 to 4 days with thin brushstroke strength of 100 to 120 μm.

48 colours – about 40% of them being single pigmented. The range allows painting directly from the tube with a fine nuance. LUKAS Studio Oil colour can be mixed with all of the LUKAS Oil colours (LUKAS 1862 oil colour, LUKAS Basics oil colour or LUKAS Berlin water mixable oil colour) and with the LUKAS painting mediums for oil colours.
LUKAS STUDIO OIL colours can be used on various painting surfaces, whether on canvases, painting or wooden boards. It is recommended to use a pre-treated painting surface, which is isolated due to its primer, preventing the binder from being absorbed and the colour from losing its shine.

  • 37ml & 200ml


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Colour Disclaimer. Actual colours may vary since every computer monitor has a different capability to display colours and everyone sees these colours differently. We cannot guarantee that the colour you see accurately portrays the true colour of the product.


Lightfastness (LF):
*** = excellent up to outstanding lightfast
(7-8 on the blue wool scale)
**  = very good up to excellent lightfast
(6-7 on the blue wool scale)

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Traditionally produced in three roll mills, LUKAS Studio Oil is a modern premium quality, yet economical oil paint, containing without exception, brilliantly coloured and technically safe pigments with excellent lightfastness. The binders are, as in all LUKAS oil paint assortments, exclusively pure, vegetable linseed and sunflower oils in special quality. Sunflower oil is used in the manufacture of pale shades to greatly reduce the traditional «yellowing» that occurs when made with linseed oil. Moreover, a good and even drying of the colours is guaranteed and the risk of cracking of the surface while the colours are drying is minimised, when used properly. The production of these colours is finalised through the traditional three roll mills.

Brushes are important tools for the artist, they influence the artist’s technique and a good quality brush is of great importance. A bristle brush should be used when painting with a thick colour application. This results in clearly visible brush strokes. Very interesting tools for works with Lukas Studio oil colour are also palette knives with which the colour can be applied “Impasto” and in thick layers (e.g., with the additional use of painting butter). They are available in various forms and sizes and allow accurate modelling of structures. Lukas Studio oil colour can be used on various painting surfaces.


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  1. VanessaV

    I needed a paint that would deliver richness in colour and be kind to a very frustrated artist at attempt no 4 of a piece to get the colours just right on a massive lion and lioness piece…enter Lukas Studio oils…Saved the day and my sanity…maybe its just my style?..but Lukas oils delivered the richness in colour together with the ability to allow for the intricate finer details of the coat and whispy fur pieces due to its high coverage and drying time is really quick! BONUS!!

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